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BMO and Field Services

Your Remote Hands in China to help you grow with complete peace of mind

Each province in China has its own unique local policies and procedures regarding network connections, building management and regulatory compliance. You can rely on our local expertise to help you handle all management and technical issues in the last mile. Our all-inclusive BMO and Field Services are here for you at every stage of your project, from planning, CPE acquisition and construction to maintenance, support and managed billing solutions, ensuring your business keeps running smoothly and stably wherever it takes you in Greater China.



Building Management

End-to-end service to ensure your success in network planning, setup and management


Local Expertise

Covers all communications with last mile service providers, regulatory agencies and property management


CPE Services

Equipment rental or purchase with 24/7 on-site support and maintenance


Support Services

Comprehensive support services including incident management, 24/7 NOC support, field services and on-going maintenance

Value-added Services

Enabling an exceptional customer experience

Cocoa Oriental Network is committed to delivering world-class after-sales services to customers around the world. As your business development partner in China, we understand you need fast, proactive and holistic solutions, not only to help you win new business, but also to ensure your operations keep running securely, reliably and efficiently. Our value-added services are designed to enable all this and more. 


Quoting Portal

Our easy-to-use tool helps you create your own pricing models for different services, so you can enhance both your time to market and operational efficiency. 


Monitoring Portal 

We provide 24/7 network control and monitoring, so you can check your network status at any time.


Managed Billing Solution 

We can also manage local customer billing on your behalf in a number of currencies, including RMB, HKD, USD and EUR.

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